Paintings – Dream

I Believe in Dreams..

Hold fast to dreams. If dreams die, life is a barren field and a broken winged bird. My dreams keep me sane and bring me happiness—a life without pain. Dreams cover you like a beautiful dress or clothing. Close your eyes and spread your wings. Make a wish and follow your dream. Because life is short and very frail, follow your dream, believe in your dream.
I believe in dream. The Dream series is inspired by people – their life principals, their symbols, their concepts and ideals.
My Dreams are my cloths Dream gives me power, my dreams are my routes, direction, and destination where I am, and where I'm going, they surrounded me; they covered me ...
My Dreams are my wings I find resonance in spirals and circles, especially intricate, natural versions of these abstractions; webs, peonies and other flowers, whorls of smoke, fractals. Also, the sun. ...

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