The art of FARRIN is entrancing.

From a short distance, the symmetrical but gentle qualities are evident but you will enjoy a closer look that reveals beautiful detail in shape, subject and color. One pattern leads to another; small patterns are part of larger patterns. Farrin’s style fits nicely within the ancient history of Persian Rug design, yet she brings her own passion and sensitivity.

 “I follow concepts of life and nature in my artwork. My design work is tied to my culture, life’s experience and personal interests so, in a sense, it’s autobiographical. I like nature and color. Most elements in Persian rugs have great meaning and reflect their close affinity with nature as a symbol of heaven. The foliate arrangements and delicate animals seen in many Persian carpets represent purity and divinity. My own work reflects and follows this tradition going back to my first design and weaving projects as a 13 year old”.

Farrin Chwalkowski (Abbas Zadeh) is an architect and urban designer with over ten years experience in the architecture, planning and urban design fields. She has a BSc in Geography and Urban Planning along with an MSc and PhD in Architecture and Urban Design. Farrin has a PhD in Architecture with a particular fascination for ornamentation and symbolism found in ancient Persian architecture. These ancient motifs, inspired by geography, tradition and nature, find beautiful expression in her art work. She is currently Scholar Fellow at Harvard University and adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design.